There is always a bridge that invites us to a new beginning .

A Word of Wisdom

Silence sometimes speaks by itself.

So, there is ice

Winter brings an opportunity to see the elements of life in fine details.

Classic Spring View

My rendition of a classic portrait of the Washington Monument.

Center of Attraction

Mother nature always displays its magic in an intrinsic fashion. We just need to get closer to admire its beauty!.


A glass of wine is always accompanied with a great story. Well, all that depends on who you are with.

Keep your distance

Sometimes you need to get closer to be seen.

Double Click

When the click of a metronome meets the click of a mouse.

Green Beltway

I'm still thinking on a quote. Stay tuned


Big things travel throughout tiny wires.

These Eyes

When the subject looks at the photographer with gentle eyes. Photogenic.

Heads of the Nation

You will see them.